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Case Studies

Case Studies

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This machine assembles multiple sizes of precision industrial pipe fittings.Each fitting consists of four components that must be screwed together to a very precise torque setting and gap distance. The heart of the system is an 8-station rotary indexer. Vibratory bowl feeders

8 Station Rotary Dial Table

This material dispense system utilizes two Fanuc M-10iA/6L six-axis robots to apply primer on both sides of right-hand and left-hand automotive glass panels. The glass panels are hand loaded into racks on a two-station rotary dial table. The first robot obtains….

Automotive Glass Primer Dispense

This machine produces a wire harness connector every 1.4 seconds. Fixtures on the rotary dial table can be reversed such that the machine is capable of producing a two-pin or four-pin connector. The machine is built on….

CAM Driven Synchronized Pick & Place Indexer

Design and manufacturing of fiber alignment fixture station….

Fibre Alignment Fixture Station : Design & Manufacturing

This fixture is a special tool designed for milling and drilling operations for a transmission case. This fixture is hydraulically operated and used for operation like face milling, drilling, tapping, rough & finish boring of the transmission case. Design standards used are…..

Fixture for Transmission Case : Design & Manufacturing

An industrial smoke detector is assembled on a flat-top plastic chain power & free conveyor. Each pallet on the conveyor supports three assemblies, which are assembled simultaneously. Five Epson robots are used during the assembly process. The first is a SCARA….

Flat Top Chain Conveyor System

The SREN Setter MX is a machine or robot mounted device designed to automatically install CIP / Tinnerman style self-retention expansion nuts (SRENs) into instrument mid-panels and other structures. The system uses….

SREN Setter MX

Gas Spring Nitrogen Filling and Testing – Design & Manufacturing
Designed automated system utilizes three six-axis robots to do various operations through the system. In addition to the robot, the fill and test system consists of five sub-stations and four conveyors. Robots uses quick change over tools….

Gas Spring Nitrogen Filling and Testing – Design & Manufacturing

This machine was designed to assemble an IV tubing component at a rate of 150 parts per minute. A Sankyo brand indexer drives a twelve station rotary dial table. Each fixture on the dial table supports parts in an 8-up configuration. The part base component is loaded by……

High-Volume Production on a Cost Effective Chassis

Design automation & manufacturing for Hipot Testing of overmolded Fenestrated Bipolar Forceps…..

Hipot Testing Machine – Design & Manufacturing

Design and manufacturing of laser marking machine….

Laser Marking Machine – Design & Manufacturing

This automation system was designed to assemble automotive exterior door handles in a way that would minimize floor space requirements and lend itself to future product changes. It is based upon an over / under edge belt conveyor with elevators on each end….

Over/under edge belt conveyor system

This machine was designed to assemble and test a medical filter component with a cycle time of two seconds per piece. A Camco cam-driven indexer is used to drive a 16 station rotary dial table with fixtures that secure both the top and bottom halves of the product. These halves are…

Rapid Leak Testing of a Sealed Membrane

The SREN Setter HX is a handheld pneumatic tool that installs CIP / Tinnerman style self-retention expansion nuts (SRENs) into instrument mid-panels and other structures. The 25-piece magazine can be …..


Purpose of this machine is to check the run-out of the spindle of a wiper motor. This machine consists of six indexing stations. The indexing is coupled with a servo motor and a gear box. After the TIR (Total Indicator Reading) checking, the machine is indented to….

TIR Checking & Oiling Machine for Wiper Motor – Design & Manufacturing

The Enigma™ is the next generation in 300mm FOUP and 200MM Buffers…

Considering the substantial investment in today’s FAB’s, and with the expected Growth in Semiconductor industry, the need for a cost effective, highly reliable and high capacity storage solutions for automated material handling system (AMHS) is essential


The ExpressLoad-200™ is an advanced load port for 200mm wafer SMIF carriers. Designed to meet SEMI standards, ExpressLoad-200™ features the cleanest and most reliable SMIF interface solution for your process requirements

Load Ports : 200mm SMIF

Matrix-EFEM (Environmental Front End-Module) is designed to be integrated into any semiconductor process tool for front-end or back-end applications.


The Wafer Scanning System provides automated inspection of 200 mm and 300 mm wafers. Employing proprietary non-destructive inspection technology, the Wafer Scanning System detects, classifies, and stores information on defects and particulates on polished bare…..

Wafer Scanning System-WSS

  • To predict creep deformation in the backing plate of process chamber after 10,000 hrs of operation.
  • Repeat the analysis with the steel support structure and predict reaction forces (at different locations).

Backing Plate of Process Chamber: Creep Analysis

  • To perform dynamic analysis on a PC Board under bolt pretension load.
  • Modal analysis, Harmonic analysis and Random analysis on PC Board assembly.

PC Board: NVH Analysis

  • To perform a 3D static and seismic load analysis of the decking structure.
  • To predict reaction loads and reaction moments at all Anchor bolts.

Decking Structure: finite element analysis

  • Simulate Smelting Process – Electrolysis Process for Aluminum Production
  • Find best process variables that produce desired temperature distribution

Ledge Design : Multi-Physics Electrothermal Analysis

  • To predict fatigue life of piston subjected to Thermal, Structural and Inertia loads.
  • Life Prediction for 10 million cycles.

Piston : Durability Analysis

  • Crash analysis to predict capability of energy absorption of Side door.
  • To validate thoracic trauma index and pelvic acceleration on dummy are within safety guidelines
    (FMVSS 214).

Side Impact Analysis : Vehicle Crashworthiness

NVH Simulation to predict Sound Pressure level near driver’s head

Acoustic Simulation of Tractor Cabin : NVH Analysis

  • To perform a 3D CFD analysis of the Electronic Box to find out the flow distribution with inlet and exhaust fans.
  • To predict flow pattern and temperature distribution and cooling effect.
  • To optimize the design.

Air flow inside an Electronic box : Forced Convection

  • Compare performance of flow characteristics in the domain with Fan and without actual fan
  • Bench marking the solution to use these characteristics in the actual Electronic model to reduce the complexity in meshing and to reduce computational resources.

Cooling with Natural convection : Computational fluid Dynamics

  • To perform a 3D CFD analysis on a data center cooling performance.
  • To predict flow pattern and temperature distribution in the facility and in individual cabinets.
  • To analyze worst case scenarios for limited cooling air supply.

Data center cooling : Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • To improve the fuel and air mix in the engine of a six cylinder Hino Engine.
  • This will be checked by changing the swirl angle of the inlet port as shown in the image

Optimal swirl angle in six cylinder engine head : FEA

  • CFD analysis to predict the flow pattern in the nozzle system.
  • To predict the static pressure & total pressure distribution , velocity and mass flow distribution of liquid in the nozzle system.
  • To optimize the design.

High Pressure Gas & Low Quality Fluid Nozzle

  • Inserting the LED into the elastomer hole with contact between both the components.
  • Viscoelastic stress relaxation step, where the LED after assembly is allowed to relax for some time till we get a stable interface pressure

LED sample sealing effectiveness Parametric FEA study

  • Neuro-modulation CFD Analysis describing the transient thermal performance of the MEB mobile charging head coil assembly in multiple simulated cases is to simulate test conditions used during design verification testing.
  • Thermal performance includes the temperature distribution throughout the entire assembly to outer surface temperature.
  • To estimate response times to reach the specified temperature by the sensors

MEB Mobile Charger head Coil Assembly Thermal Analysis

  • To perform a 3D stress analysis on O-ring used in the antenna assembly.
  • To analyze the performance at various temperatures.
  • To predict the deformation of plastic housing due to O-ring compression

O – Ring Compression

  • To perform a 3D CFD analysis on Heat exchangers with two different designs.
  • To compare performance based on predefined parameters.
  • To estimate Heat capacity rate.

Predicting Heat Exchanger Performance

  • To perform CFD analysis on a Quartz tube with Heaters. Inlet gases are H2 and Digermane.
  • To study thermal / pressure distribution on 25 wafers sitting in a Boat.
  • To compare performance based on predefined parameters.
  • To optimize thermal uniformity distribution on wafers and improve flow distribution

Quartz Tube and Wafers in a boat

  • Real-time visualization of tissue viability and function based on computer simulations that will provide a new tool for doctors to help them in planning.
  • Pressure load calculations on the tissue walls and flow paths and directions at different locations of blood vessel (arteries)

Real Time Visualization of tissue viability and function – CFD

  • Prototyping, Solid Modeling, CFD & Engineering Drawings

Real Time Visualization of tissue viability and function

  • Design changes in DynaNail TTC Fusion System to address degenerative conditions, correct joint deformities and revise failed total ankle replacements.

Real Time Visualization of tissue viability and function

  • Part name – Battery Box
  • Software – SolidWorks
  • Industrial Styling Software – Rhino
  • Aim – Develop a new product from existing model

Battery Box : Product Development with Industrial Styling

  • Part name -Brake Controller
  • Software – SolidWorks
  • Industrial Styling Software – Rhino
  • Aim – Develop a new product from existing model

Brake Controller : Product Development with industrial styling

  • To build a ‘New’ & better Front/Rear fascia model for a bus…

Concept Design for Bus Front & Rear Fascia

Designing of futuristic City Bus front & rear fascia with simple & elegant styling

Concept Design for Futuristic bus

Industrial design and styling of watch cases according to customer needs.

Watch Case : Industrial Design and Styling

To convert model from CATIA V5 to Solidworks

Catia v5 to solidworks: Legacy Data Conversion

To convert model from CATIA V5 to SOLIDWORKS

Catia v5 to solidworks: Legacy Data Conversion

To convert model from Inventor to SOLIDWORKS

Inventor to solidworks : Legacy Data Conversion

Packaging of Battery Pack for 30KW Turbine

Battery Pack Design : Product development

Sheet Metal Design, DFM/DFA, FEA/CFD Analysis….

Sheet Metal Design & Electrical Modeling: Product development

Sheet Metal Design, Tube Detailing, Selection of Valves and Fittings….

Fuel System Design: Product development

Design of inductors, Flexi bars, conduits & Connectors …..

Electrical Components 3D Modeling: Product development

  • To develop industrial design concepts for the product and modules
  • To develop prototype

NGP Industrial Control Equipment

  • AES need to work on developing the new simplified and convenient design for 55K Inkjet printer carriage project from the existing design of 60K project.

Print Carriage Inkjet 55K Assembly

  • To conceptualize, design & development Wireless Transmitter
  • To Develop Prototypes

Wireless transmitter

Product had to be reverse engineered because of the requirement from the client for the engine secondary market needs.

Cylinder Head : Reverse engineering

A Trochoidal Oil Pump supplies oil under pressure to the oil circulatory system. The oil pump is attached to and driven by, the camshaft assembly for engines are especially designed for oil well….

Trochoidal oil pump : Reverse Engineering

To carry out reverse engineering of mechanical governor as per customer’s requirements.

Mechanical Governor: Reverse Engineering



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